Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#19 zee goat

My friend's real name is Pria, but that name has been long forgotten and replaced with Suz (there's a long story behind that--another story). He's a strong-willed,straightforward guy and usually always adamant to his decision. He used to study in the oil and gas department, but left and change into architecture because he just couldn't stand in it (i won't debate this, i thought he is an excellent and skillful designer).

Me and Suz share A LOT of arguments all the time because we are both so different, and in a strange way we respect each other. Sometime I thought he's like an uptight goat who has his own opinion about everything, and likes to wander to many places on his own. This is true--you can dump him everywhere and he'll live (thanks to his profound knowledge about buses). This illustration is for your true love to boxes Suz, and for many more arguments to come:)

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