Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wedding season: too cute too be true

Like i said previously, i'm a sucker for everything romantic. I used to do this fanaticism on my own, but since my friend and i have agreed to (or at least planning to) make our own event organizer (primarily for weddings), i started to bring it one step forward.

The images are taken from here. The birds are just so cute, funny, some sort of whimsical attitude, and ultimately because the birds look just like the bride and groom below (Look at the glasses!!!).

I think that this cleverness brings unique character to the wedding and makes it stands out from any regular wedding.

Looking forward to search ideas like this and finding a way to ingraft it in typical Indonesian wedding that is bound with tradition and sometimes left the guests with no clue about the bride and groom themselves.

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A N A S T A S Y A said...

OK, so when is your turn now? I mean wedding turn? hehehe...if you ever need photographer and stylist for pre-wed photos, we are here with "harga mahasiswa" hekekekeekek..


just found out your blog and instantly become ur follower now, aku ngintip terus gpp yah yah yah hehehe..



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