Saturday, October 29, 2011

#14 birdlove

I made another bird illustration again yesterday. I browsed through an ornithology website and found this Black-capped Chickadees, a bird with helmet-like round head, black-thick fur on top of the head, and curiosity about everything. She likes to investigate her surroundings, and to travel between one place to another. This bird is acrobatic and often do bouncy flights. I find it funny and think that the bird was just like my friend who cannot stands to stay still for a long time. To make it even clearer, my friend likes to capture beautiful images so I added the camera. I guess you would already know who she is.

Illustrating this bird was a nice retreat from my boredom in the hospital, I'm  thinking of making the animal version of all of my dear friends because we have this animal joke about everyone while we're still in the undergrads. Besides, it's time for me to practice on making other kinds of animal :)

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