Monday, October 31, 2011

#15 bo the bear

My friend Bo has always been the biggest among all of us although he might also the most elastic big guy I have ever known. Me and him like to share loads of cynical and sarcastic jokes and he always been the one who's able to complete my sentences regardless of how different we are in many sides of our lives.

Here's to you Blue Bear Bo..keep your dreams alive.
(You can shortened it into BBB but I have no intention of comparing you to Raffi're way a better man in terms of ability to do 'sendratari' (and in overall), although that guy owns a camaro..but you'll have your mercedes in no time ;))


dyah sihanani said...

mbak kristanti, keren-keren ilustrasinya! yang ini mirip banget sama si bo hehehe.

kristy said...

kyaaa dai makasih ihihihi

nantikan ilustrasi berikutnya ya...kayaknya org yg lo kenal lagi deh..wkwkwk:*

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