Saturday, September 20, 2014

Brighton Trip

Last weekend we went to Brighton for two days. I was there for a conference, but we brought the kids as well so they can explore more places in this country.

We catched an early train at 05.30, which meant leaving at cold morning at 04.30 while you just finished cleaning and packing at 03.00 = zero sleep ;)
All of that was very much worth it, as the city was warm and beautiful! We had so much fun there. I'm not a person who travel a lot, but since I have kids I kind of think that it is necessary to expose them to new experience every now and then. 

Brighton is well known for its beach, and it is packed with tourists everywhere. While I attended the conference, Anto and the kids spend the time in the beach, just having fun.
Of course, the obligatory odong-odong ride in front of museum in Brighton Pier...
Played in a stoney beach, whoa! brighton beach was nothing like any beach I have seen before. It is completely covered in small pebble stones instead of sands.The kids were completely amazed, they could have played there for hours picking all those stones!
As it is a beach city, the main food is obviously the good 'ol fish n chips. The kids ate it as well as chicken nugget and tasted mayonnaise for the first time--they licked every single drop of it, Anto had to go back to the restaurant to ask for more mayo.
The kids also ate a giant choco and banana crepes, it was very delicious...and VERY messy. Nandra loved every single bit of it.
We stayed in the cheapest accommodation we could find that allow us to take children (most of cheap b&b or hostels only allow for visitor aged 18 or above). The view from the hotel's window in the morning was breathtaking.
We also found a very nice and quite authentic Indonesian restaurant in there, that makes it a very complete trip. We shared the meals with other Indonesian colleagues from the conference. Their gulai, rendang and ikan bumbu bali were beyond fantastic.
We head home completely tired--the kids spent most of their train ride sleeping. I had a deadline though at that day--so no chance of sleeping together (boo!).
Last but not least, here's another photo of Brighton by the beach, the 'postcard' photo of the city:
(can't help but thinking, why all of UK cities had to have at least one giant 'bianglala'?)

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