Monday, September 1, 2014

In between deadlines

My upgrade report deadline as PhD student is looming in, and with that comes the cloud of anxiety that never left in the past two weeks.
Cooking spinach becomes a gargantuan task, and I managed to accidentally spill half bottle of salt to the pot.Needless to say,the spinach was out of the window and we eat 'telor ceplok' instead.
My brother, who also has to submit his second year report for performance review, made a hole in his wife's skirt as the iron was too hot. He later joked that it is still wearable. Unfortunately for him, it was his wife's favourite skirt.
My kids spend most of their times in local parks, one of them is located near my campus building. I can feed them during lunch hour while watching pigeons and swan in front of a small lake. It was pretty fun most of the time, until a flock of pigeons started to feel interested at your kids lunch.
Although every morning I wake up feeling stressed, every time I looked at my growing kids face, they also remind me that everything is only temporary. Only a few things really matter in this life, and we can always buy some more spinach :)

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