Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things my twins said

The twins Ditra and Nandra have shown more and more personality these days.
I felt that I need to write down these moments of their lives and post it from time to time before it slipped away. They are just three and a half years olds, and they will say things so mature at one point and a very childish the seconds after (and learned how to tricked their parents for sure).

Earlier last month I went to a music concert with Anto. Naturally, seeing their parents (trying to) walk out the door, they eagerly reached to us and wanted to go along.

Parents: Ok, bye now, we'll see you soon tonight. You guys go with Grandma and Aunty, ok
Nandra (doting on her mom): This is my mommy! (meaning: mommy can't go)
Ditra (doting to her dad): But this is my family. My special family. (meaning: why can't I go too?)
Parents: (thinking of other way to persuade them to let us leave)
Aunty:  Who wants to shop at Home Bargain with Aunty?
Nandra (running to her aunty): err....okay
Ditra (running to her aunty too): I want belanja (I want to shop)
Dad (slightly hurt): Hei, you said it's your special family!

Lesson learned: My twins like shopping in a grocery store more than their parents (-.-")

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