Thursday, January 7, 2016

Things my twins said : Sleep training

As a parent of twins toddlers obviously enforcing them to sleep in their own bed consistently is necessary. They have grown so much bigger anyway, we could not fit in my double bed mattress anymore!
But in reality it is so, so much harder. The arguments are endless and sometimes their reasoning is beyond hilarious, as in tonight scene:

Nandra came to our room, climbing up the bed, forcing to get inside between me and her father, exclaiming: "I want milk!"
Dad: "Okay I'll make you milk if you go back to your room."
Nandra agrees, but then she plays with my phone until it falls in her mouth and made her wailed. Her father tried comforting her, of which in this process she suddenly falls asleep (still in our bed). I didn't want to move her to her own bed yet because sometimes she would wake up during commotion (and I never ever want to wake a sleeping kid!).

In a few minutes Ditra came to our room, admittedly looking for her sister but got distracted by coins in my shelves and start playing with them. I forced to bring her back to her room. Similarly, she asked:
"I want milk!"
I tried to persuade her that she doesn't need milk, but since she had a nap at early evening it was more difficult to lull her back to sleep. So her father went down to make some milk, while I went back to my room to pray.

After giving the milk to Ditra, her father said: "Okay, now drink your milk and then go to sleep. I want to go back and sleep too."

Ditra: "You can sleep here too, Daddy." (innocently)
Dad: "No, I want to go back to my room."

Ditra (sighing) and reply: "But why nobody wants to join me?"

Surely after this tactic, Dad (burst into laughter inside) finally give in: "Okay then dear, I'll sleep with you."

And there goes our sleep training tonight. Better luck next time!

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