Saturday, January 1, 2011

day #1: the bag project

It is actually quite simple to make a bag (at least a simple tote bag).

I mean, look at the picture above. Besides standards tools like scissors, pins and needles and thread, all you need to do is cut two parts of outer part and lining part, some strips for the handles, some fusible interfacings, and that is practically all.

As far as i concern, I have always obsessed with bags. Other girls might love bags, but i adore them. So i think it is natural that when i wanted to start a business, bag is what i'm most interested with. I know that i need to learn a few tricks on making a bag and knowing about bags construction, so i thought this morning why not start now.

On the second note, I bought that yellow rotary cutter on a holiday in Singapore not too long ago. It is really useful and easy to use, and it makes sewing a lot easier. Highly recommended for everyone that has passion on sewing.Not sure if it's available in Indonesia though:(

Hope we can see the results tomorrow. I wanted to finish it today but like usual, life gets in the way:)

Happy new year, people!

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