Sunday, January 2, 2011

day #2: crappy bag body

This is how the body of the bag turned out to be. The stripy fabric is the bag's body part that could be used for outer pocket.
It looks crappy, i know.
I made a lot of silly mistakes, (one of it is sewing the lining part before sewing its inside pocket (more photos later)), my back ache and i feel dizzy but boy, so far i'm a very proud (crappy) crafter.

 It's like when you start to learn 3d computer rendering, your back hurts and your throat feels sore (and your rendering looks fake anyway), but you feel so proud about the result.

Other than this project, today i spent time with my family, watching video clips from my wedding.

The not to distant memories already feel like years away.

*It's only the second day of this year and I already sounded like an old married woman!"sigh"

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