Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#day 3 procastination attacked

Yesterday i was very tired, it was a long day at the office so i went straight to bed afterwards.

No, actually i was only wanted to lay around for an hour or so. I even told my husband to wake me up earlier.

But this maybe the first lesson about time this year: Do not put up things you can do now. You will NEVER wake up an hour later. Duh. Same old, same old.

So in order to exchange for the lack of post yesterday, I might do two posts today. (Underline the word might).

Yesterday I went to Plaza Senayan to pick my younger brother. Before we comeback home, we went to Kinokuniya to take a peek at some books.

 It's been a while since i read fiction books, so I decided to indulge. This book is about a Tanzanian woman who runs a cake shop in Rwanda. I know, it couldn't be more interesting.


Fadil Pinandita said...
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Fadil Pinandita said...

let me know if the book is interesting.. been searching for a good books to read nowadays.. :)

ou yea, I link your page in mine yaa.. goodluck on your #30harimenulis, mbak kris.. x)

kristy said...

fadil, bukunya bagus tapi agak cewek gitu sih kayaknya buat lo..tapi kalo ga keberatan baca soal ibu-ibu yang bikin kue sih bagus banget. menyentuh politik, kemanusiaan, kesehatan, adat, macem2..

goodluck juga buat #30 hari menulismu:D

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