Sunday, January 9, 2011

#day 4 but 5 days late

After such a long period of not sketching, the above picture shows my doodles around the lecturer's office that i did while talking to my friend daija, amidst our hectic week. I sketched about ideas and things around me like that plant and cup.
It kind of a very raw sketch, but it strangely felt really relaxing. Now I know why daija and this friend like to hunt sketch so much.

On the other hand, the first week of this year went by so fast. I'm already tired of making resolutions list, so this year I kind of hesitated to make one. So I think I'll just make one single resolution this year: to stop looking at other people's lives and stop comparing myself to them. We all have our own lives waiting to be filled with joy and happiness scattered around in this world, just enough for everybody.

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