Friday, June 12, 2015

Rotherham BBQ Picnic

As the weather becomes warmer, last Saturday me and and a group of dear friends, went for a BBQ trip in Rotherham Park, just in the edge of Sheffield. Andra,  Gibran and Rara drove down from Edinburgh; and Cindy, Pandu and their baby boy Hanan came from Oxford. It was very nice to catch up with them and play around after a stressful presentation week beforehand.

Andra was 8,5 months pregnant but still very much active and able to play around happily with the twins who love their Tante Andra :D

We cooked BBQ beef ribs, shrimps and veggie satay, sausages, fries and ate in the meadow. As it is located next to a lake, there were quite a lot of duck poo (!) but we managed to find a cleaner space above the hill for our barbecue. Newly walking baby Hanan loved the park and played with dirt and grass before laying tired in the picnic mat.

 Thank you for the wonderful company, guys! Let's do it again after Andra's baby is born :D

(credit: all photo belongs to Andra + Gibran)

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